Saturday, August 6, 2011

Prank sends police to unsuspecting residents

swat Toronto, Canada - Police kicked down the door of a North Toronto apartment after a caller warned them about a possible murder taking place inside. But all they found was a guy wearing noise-cancelling headphones who had the misfortune to be working from home that day. “I didn’t hear them knocking or banging on the door saying: ‘Please open up,’” said software consultant Jason Myles. The first thing I heard was when they attempted to kick down the door.” The headphones drowned out the initial commotion and by the time Myles heard the kicks, it was too late for the door. Myles believes he was a victim of something called “swatting,” a prank in which a caller reports a fake emergency with the intent of getting police to mobilize a SWAT team.  More

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