Monday, August 8, 2011

Man builds airplanes out of junk

ian-baron Canada - Barbecue tanks, TV antennas, swimming pool walls, apple juice cans, farm gates, rebar, floor mop handles. Put it together and what have you got - a pile of junk? Not in Ian Baron’s hands. Try life-size replicas of old fighter planes. Four in total, all made from recycled bits and pieces. They’re parked proudly on the front lawn of his rural home a few minutes north of Bowmanville. The wingspan of his largest and favourite creation, a 1944 Spitfire Mark IX, is 11 metres. The Fokker had a serious wing flaw, he discovered. “It could climb quickly but was very slow because there was lots of drag with that third wing.” Baron, who’s never had the urge to fly a plane, thinks his hobby of assembling them from scratch is unique. Others restore old aircraft or build them from kits.  More

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