Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bank Robbers Caught Because of Cap With Bass On It

When two men made a series of robberies in Delray beach and Boca Raton something they wore made them more memorable than they may have expected.
    During each robbery the men wore dark clothing and were armed with guns but it was a dark colored cap with a picture of a bass that gave them away.
On Oct. 4th Christopher E. Nichols and Damon J. Davison were arrested outside of an RCB Bank in Delray Beach and admitted to officers they were planning to rob the bank.
Police also found that both the cars used as getaway vehicles were owned by Nichols and Davidson.
Police were on to them when an officer found the cap with the fish on it near the Heather Lake subdivision in Boynton Beach.
The due was arrested when Officers  found a Volkswagen Beetle matching the description of a car used by the robbers near the site where the hat was found.

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