Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Party At The Manoogain Song or Kwame Song,played on 89x, 97.1

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Funny Songs by Whitie McWhiteivich
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Christine L. Beatty Steps Down Because Of Alleged Sex Text Scandal With Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick


January 28, 2008

Dear Mayor Kilpatrick,

I would first like to thank you and the citizens of Detroit for the opportunity to have worked for the city that I love so much over the past six years.

Serving as Chief of Staff for the Kilpatrick administration since 2002 has been an honor and a privilege. I was born and raised in Detroit and my childhood goal was always to serve my city. I came back home after college to do just that. Serving our citizens and helping to transform Detroit into an even greater city is what I've been dedicated to everyday since January 2002.

As Chief of Staff, I managed key city departments in such areas as human services and labor relations as well as administering the day to day operations of the Mayor's office. I've served the administration and Detroit citizens with diligence, strength and perserverance and I hope that my efforts will one day show through above all else.

In spite of this, however, I believe that it is clear I can no longer effectively carry out the duties of Chief of Staff. Therefore, this letter serves as my resignation effective, February 8, 2008 to allow for an orderly transition of my duties with the new chief of staff. I painfully regret the devastation that the recent reports have caused to the citizens of Detroit, to my co workers, to the Mayor's family and to my family and friends.

Again, I thank you and the citizens of Detroit for the opportunity to serve.


Christine L. Beatty

State Of The Union Speech

George Bush Jr. gave his last State Of The Union Speech!
What i heard was: Economy, blah,blah,pass a bill to import more goods from South Korea and South America, blah,blah, this will be good for American jobs, blah, Stimulus package (borrowing money we don't have, duh, lets have a flat tax), terrorist, blah, blah, 911, they are coming to get us,blah, Iran, we are spreading Liberty, blah, blah, blah.
Or something like that!

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