Monday, June 20, 2011

Woman Killed By Pet Snake

black-mambaPutnam Lake, New York - Police in the northern suburbs are blaming a pet exotic snake for the death of one of its owners. The animal’s bite is poisonous and almost always fatal. The woman was found in her bedroom by her boyfriend. The prime suspect is a so-called Black Mamba a native of Africa, and one of 75 snakes the couple kept in their home under lock and key. The problem was the snake’s cage padlock had been opened. “When they examined the body they observed one of her forearms where appeared to be fresh, bite marks, snake marks on the arm,” Capt. William McNamara said. The animal we’re talking about is identified by National Geographic as the fastest snake in the world out in the wild and the second deadliest when you look at the neurotoxin power of it’s venom. Of the more than six dozen snakes taken from the home, 56 were poisonous, including a cobra, which is illegal to possess without a permit.  More

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