Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Woman fights for right to live with Chihuahua

phyllis-schleiferFlorida - The senior citizen in Deerfield Beach’s Century Village is so incensed over her condo’s refusal to honor her doctor’s prescription’ that she live with her dog, Sweetie, for emotional support, and the retaliation she says she suffered over her request, she’s made a federal case out of it, literally. Broward County government has taken her cause to the courthouse, and the public is paying for it. Attorneys involved in the case of Phyllis Schleifer versus Ventnor H condo talked late last week about the three-year saga, and how it got farther than any other support-pet case the county has handled. Schleifer said she wishes she could be left alone. A neighbor formed a gun’ with his fingers when she was out walking the condo grounds, she said, and pointed it at her precious Sweetie just days ago.  More

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