Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Woman hauls trash to mayor’s office

Portsmouth, Ohio - Janice Shanks carried two bags of trash into the office of Portsmouth Mayor David Malone expressing her frustration with the mix-up of the trash pick-up schedule this week. “We always have more trash than just ours,” Shanks said. “I don’t know what to do. It’s overflowing. We’re gonna be in a real pickle. It was the holiday weekend and all of our grandkids were there and our children, so I had more than normal.” Shanks, who lives on Fourth Street, said she also has extra trash on a regular basis because students from Shawnee State University pull up and dump their fast food wrappers and cups onto a lot and it blows onto her property. She said her husband, Curtis Shanks, often has to clean the mess up. Malone accepted the trash and apologized for the schedule mix-up and said he would take the trash to the Service Department.  More

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  1. I don't have Portsmouth City trash pickup, but I do live near there. Trash pickup schedules all over the region are never very reliable.