Saturday, September 24, 2011

Man duct tapes girlfriend during fight over pet iguana

Florida – A San Carlos Park man is accused of duct taping his girlfriend during an altercation over their pet iguana. When deputies arrived to the home, they could hear a woman screaming from inside, according to reports. The victim was in the living room with duct tape around her arms, torso, and ankles. She told deputies she and Lockhart were arguing over the family iguana when they began pushing each other. She picked up a fishing pole and started striking him with it and then Lockhart held her down and duct taped her.  more 

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  1. while I don't advocate duct taping women who don't want to be. Sounds like he was defending himself from someone assaulting him with a fishing rod to me. Leaving her without telling anyone was probably a bad move, but imo the police should have arrested her for assault as well