Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teen Accused of Killing Parents, Confessed to Friend

tyler-hadleyPort St. Lucie, Florida - A Florida teenager, Tyler Hadley, 17, accused of beating his parents to death with a hammer — then throwing a party while their bodies lay in a bedroom of the family home — told his best friend he had committed the crimes, according to a police report. He told Mandell he contemplated killing his mother for about five minutes as he stood behind her while she was working on a computer. “Then he decided to strike his mother in the back of the head with a hammer,” the affidavit states. After a few strikes from the hammer, Hadley said his mother turned to him and asked, “Why?” Hadley’s father heard his wife scream and came out of the bedroom. “Tyler told MM that he and his father stared into each other’s eyes for a minute. Tyler said he then went after his father and murdered him,” the affidavit states. Hadley said it took about three hours to clean up “all the blood and that it had been more than he had expected,” but it was only when he showed Mandell a bloody shoeprint on the floor of the garage that he began to believe the story.   More  

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