Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Man’s Eyeball Pecked Out by Bird

gannetUK - A Welsh animal lover was blinded in one eye after a seabird he tried to rescue pecked his eyeball out of its socket. Michael Buckland, 38, was walking with his girlfriend on a beach in Gower, South Wales, when the couple spotted a gannet that seemed unable to walk or fly. Buckland lifted the animal away from the incoming tide, but it was startled by a passing dog and began pecking at his face — piercing his right eyeball three times with its razor-sharp six-inch beak. The welder’s left eyelid was sliced in two and his right eye dangled from his face following the attack. Drenched in blood, he then had to walk back along the beach for 45 minutes before he and his girlfriend could reach help.  More   

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