Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teachers Sue City for Slander Over Lesbian Allegations

New York City - Two teachers accused of having a sexual romp in a classroom are suing the city for $2 million for ruining their reputations. Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro had drinks before returning to the high school to attend a musicand dance competition. Partway through the show, the pair retreated to Mauro’s classroom. At some point, two school custodians opened the door to the room to find the women on the floor, in various states of dress. A school safety officer, summoned to the scene, said she saw Brito topless on the floor and Mauro between her legs. But Brito and Mauro give an entirely different account. They say Brito, a diabetic, began feeling ill during the competition and asked Mauro to check her blood sugar. They went upstairs to Mauro’s classroom. By the time they got there, Brito felt so weak that she lay down on the floor and Mauro took off her sweater and put it under her friend’s head. She was kneeling next to Brito in the dark classroom when the janitor opened the door.  More…

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