Monday, October 10, 2011

Texas A and M buses vandalized with manure

Lubbock, Texas – Texas A and M ‘s team buses were vandalized before the Aggies played Texas Tech. Drivers found manure inside and outside the four vehicles. A and M athletic director Bill Byrne said manure went “from one end to the other” inside one bus that couldn’t be locked. The others had manure along the exterior. He tweeted that the outsides of all the buses had vulgarities “spray painted” on them. “Classy,” ended his first tweet. It wasn’t immediately clear why vandals targeted Texas A and M, though the Aggies are planning to leave the Big 12 after this school year for the SEC. Texas A and M assistant police chief Mike Ragan issued a statement saying that the buses were peppered with Texas Tech logos in addition to profanities.  more  

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