Monday, May 2, 2011

Cops bust cockfighting ring at children’s party

Dayton, Texas - Acting on an anonymous tip, deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office showed up at a property in Dayton, Texas - northeast of Houston - to investigate a report of a cockfighting operation. When they arrived, the officers discovered a children’s party underway, complete with a waterslide and a picnic table. But suspects began to emerge from behind the innocent revelry, fleeing to their vehicles and on foot into the tree line, upon seeing the deputies. Several suspects sped away in their cars, some even crashing into one another and driving through a wooden fence. As the children stood by the waterslide, crying, police officers discovered a grisly scene of dead and dying fowl - some suffering severe blood loss and cuts. The birds were found just feet from where the children were playing.  More…

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