Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Couple arrested for sex at ‘Good to Go’

Florida - A couple were caught having sex outside a convenience store called Good To Go, Florida sheriff’s deputies said. George Pomfret, 49, and Brenda Prothero, 48, both of Fort Myers, were arrested and charged with indecent exposure. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said deputies went to the Good To Go Store after receiving a call about indecent exposure. More

Gardener loses fingers trying to kill moles

Austria - An Upper Austrian angered by moles digging up his garden has lost two fingers when a bizarre stunt to kill them went disastrously wrong. The 34-year-old Aspach resident taped a pipe to the exhaust of his lawnmower and rammed the other end into the alley under a molehill to gas the animals. When he noticed that one of the moles tried to escape through the gap between the ground and the mower, he tried to grab it - and had two fingers chopped off his right hand by the rotating blades.More

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hitler's car gift to Nepal king to be used again (Reuters)

Reuters - A car said to have been a gift from Adolf Hitler to a Nepali king will be repaired and used to drive visitors around the grounds of a palace museum, a government official said on Thursday.More

Bank robber says ‘thank you,’ gets no money

Stupid News South Carolina - Authorities said a would-be South Carolina bank robber left with a polite “thank you” after a teller told him she didn’t have any money in her cash drawer. North Charleston police told multiple media outlets that 31-year-old Melvin Jesse Blain walked into a Wachovia branch with a note saying he was robbing the bank and asking for $30,000. Investigators said the teller told Blain she had no money and he walked out empty-handed, saying “thank you.” More

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stupid News:Dynamite sticks from movie spark bomb alert

Ohio - Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said the device, resembling two sticks of dynamite with wires, was detonated by a bomb squad and turned out to be harmless. Sheriff Abdalla said that he suspected it was a prop left behind by a film crew that making Unstoppable, a thriller about a runaway train. Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway workers had found the item earlier in the day along tracks near Rayland, about 120 miles east of Columbus....More

Apology after tsunami false alarm (Reuters)

Reuters - The Thai government apologized Tuesday to a region where thousands died in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami after a botched warning drill this week caused hundreds to flee their homes, convinced another wave was coming....More

Mayor's aide bites cop over Lisbon traffic dispute (Reuters)

Reuters - A top municipal official in Lisbon's Oeiras suburb sank his teeth into a traffic police officer during a discussion over a fine, apparently enraged by the familiar form used by the officer to address him...More

Camel saved from sinkhole

Oregon - It was an unusual call for firefighters: A camel, named Moses, needed to be rescued. The call came yesterday in Clackamas County, Oregon, after the Oregon City owners of the camel called firefighters to say that Moses had fallen into a sinkhole about two metres deep and was possibly injured. The owners - who have several camels and run a children’s ministry - had tried to get the camel out themselves but failed....More

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Burglary suspect falls through ceiling into cops’ hands

California - California police found the burglar they were hunting when he fell through a ceiling into their arms, an officer said. Jose Parada, 23, of Montebello was jailed on suspicion of burglary after he allegedly broke into three businesses. Parada was hiding in the attic of one of the buildings as deputies searched it. As he was moving around in the attic there, he actually fell through the ceiling. More

Six Year Old Kicked Out Of School Over Cap Gun

Illinois - An Oglesby school child faces possible expulsion later this month for playing with toy cap guns at school. Ethan Scaman, 6, and an unidentified six-year-old who has since moved out of the school district were suspended from Lincoln Elementary School for playing with their toy cap guns on the school playground. The school policy states that any student who brings weapons or look-alikes to school or school events shall be expelled for a period of at least one calendar year but not more than two calendar years. More

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bobcat climbing power pole starts 5-acre fire

California - A bobcat climbing a power pole got electrocuted and sparked a five-acre brush fire in California’s Ventura County. County fire Capt. Dan Preston told the Ventura County Star that the bobcat was apparently chasing an owl or another bird when it touched the power lines, caught fire and fell to the ground in a rural area near Piru.

Burning Quran is outrageous, grave move

The Vatican on Wednesday denounced as "outrageous and grave" plans by a Christian minister in Florida to burn copies of the Quran to mark the Sept. 11 anniversary.---...More

Teacher Conducts Blood Tests Using Same Needle on 18 Students

Australia - A group of Australian high school students underwent tests for possible blood-borne viruses, including HIV, after a teacher took blood tests from class members using the same needle. Eighteen students in southern Tasmania were trying to test the PH levels of their blood during a class experiment. The science teacher involved made an attempt to sterilize the needle with methylated spirits between tests.---...More

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NYC man falls 40 stories from building and survives; Dodge Charger Saves his life

NEW YORK - A New York City man who plunged 40 stories from the rooftop of an apartment building has survived after crashing onto a parked car.

Witnesses and police say 22-year-old Thomas Magill jumped from the high-rise at West 63rd Street on Tuesday. He landed in the backseat area of a Dodge Charger after crashing through the windshield.....More