Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Women arrested, one choked Walmart greeter

Elyria, Ohio - Police say a pregnant woman and her mother were arrested after the older woman choked a 71-year-old Walmart greeter while leaving the store. Elyria police say 49-year-old Toni Duncan, of Elyria, was asked to show a receipt and responded by pushing a cart into the greeter, grabbing his throat and choking him. She was charged with assault. Her daughter, 21-year-old Ashley Jackson, of Elyria, was charged with aggravated menacing and inducing panic after saying she would blow up the store and that the greeter would be dead when her boyfriend learned of the incident.  More… 

Students Swear at, Threaten, Assault Teachers

Bakersfield, California -  “I am scared to death to go back to work tomorrow,” said teacher Sunny Mueller. “We’ve had teachers assaulted, shoved around, eggs thrown at them,” said Bakersfield Elementary Teachers Association president Brad Barnes. “Last week, there was a homemade bomb that went off in the boys bathroom,” said teacher Katie Irwin. Mayhem. That’s how teachers last night at the Bakersfield City School District board meeting described their classrooms and schools. Specifically Curran middle school, Stiern middle school and Mckinley elementary. Also kids are allegedly bringing drugs, alcohol and weapons on campus.  More…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UFC Fighter Takes Shot to the Head ... Via Beer Bong

We're pretty sure funneling a beer on the beach in Lake Havasu does not help you in the octagon, but if it does ... UFC star Clay Guida is about to go on a winning streak. Guida was there for Spring Break earlier this month, where he was hosting a party…Read more

Microchip tracks cat missing 15 months

BRADENTON, Fla., March 28 (UPI) -- A cat missing for more than a year was reunited with its owner after somehow traveling hundreds of miles in Florida.Microchip tracks cat missing 15 months

Man arrested with seafood in his pants

YORK, Pa., March 28 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania man allegedly trying to steal a bag of shrimp from a supermarket was arrested with the frozen bag of seafood stuffed in his pants, police said.Man arrested with seafood in his pants

Police forget arrested teens in van

Fort Lee, New Jersey - Police who busted a high school house party left a van full of teens locked up and parked outside in the freezing cold for 14 hours without food, water or access to a bathroom. Officials only realized what had happened after a passerby heard screams and banging from the police van where five teens were trapped. “We were cold, dehydrated, hungry,” said Tony, 17. “I mean it was the worst thing that ever possibly happened to me.” Police raided the house party because of noise complaints from neighbors. More… 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Man gets $16,000,000 cable TV bill

Ohio - Daniel DeVirgilio, of Beavercreek, says his payment was rejected because it wouldn’t cover the total. His bill is usually $80. DeVirgilio tells the Dayton Daily News he wanted to watch the NCAA basketball tournament’s Sweet 16 but didn’t expect it to cost a million dollars per team. He jokes he should have added Showtime to his channels because the charge of a few extra dollars doesn’t seem big in comparison. Time Warner says human error is to blame for the payment problem.  More…

Federal Agent, Top Secret Clearance, Fake Degree

 Los Angeles, California - A high-ranking Homeland Security official who held a top secret security clearance and supervised squads of agents in Los Angeles has been suspended as a federal grand jury probes whether he lied about having a college degree. The ongoing criminal investigation is targeting Jorge Guzman, a 25-year law enforcement veteran who served as the assistant special agent in charge of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s L.A. branch. Simultaneously, he was placed on paid administrative leave, and stripped of his firearm, badge, and government vehicle.  More…

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Man carved a chunk of man’s flesh and took a bite

Stupid News-Tennessee - “There wasn’t anything that was going to stop him from getting a beer,” Douglas Statzer testified in Knox County Criminal Court Judge Mary Beth Leibowitz’s courtroom. “He looked like a man determined to do what he had to do to have a beer, like he was on a mission.” Herbert Mike Merritt is standing trial on a first-degree murder charge in the slaying of Anthony Laymon “Tony” Ford, 45, inside the Friends Sports Bar & Grill in Halls. Merritt’s attorney, Phil Lomonaco, contends that his client was in a psychotic state after failing to take his medicine, evidenced by the fact that Merritt carved a chunk of Ford’s chest to eat. Prosecutor Kyle Hixson counters that Merritt was angry after a spat with his girlfriend and spoiling for a fight. More… 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Man Brings 5 cans of Beer to DWI Court Appearance

New York - A 49-year-old man is in Sullivan County Jail without bail after authorities say he showed up for a court hearing on a felony DWI charge drunk and carrying an open can of Busch beer, plus four more cans in a bag. The Middletown Times Herald-Recordreports that Keith Gruber of Swan Lake was an hour and a half late for his court appearance before Sullivan County Judge Frank LaBuda, who asked him if he enjoyed his “liquid lunch.” Gruber said he did, then said he was sorry. LaBuda sent him to jail with no bail.  More…

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Man Attacks Man for Photographing His Hairdo

 Austin, Texas - It was a bad hair day when a man was beaten and robbed after trying to take a picture of a stranger who had a wild triple-mohawk haircut. A man in Austin snapping photos of “anything that was remotely interesting or unusual” told police that he ran into trouble when he turned his camera on the stylized hairdo of Johnathan Washburn, 23. Washburn’s companion, Timothy Beard, 19, ordered the photographer to delete the picture. But the shutterbug refused. Beard allegedly stole the man’s $100 Oakley sunglasses. When the unidentified victim asked Beard to return his shades, he alleges that Washburn hit him on the left side of the head with his skateboard.  More…  

Men fight armed with screwdriver and air pistol

Fort Walton Beach, Florida - According to a Fort Walton Beach Police report, Michael Lloyd Anderson was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and trespass after warning. Anderson knocked on the door to a man staying at the Dolphin Inn. As soon as the occupant of the room answered the door, Anderson said, “Give me my book,” and held a screwdriver in a threatening manner. The other man pulled a CO2 pistol that was on a holster on his hip and pointed it at Anderson. He said he ordered Anderson to drop the screwdriver, which Anderson did. More… 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dr. Phil warning of alien invasion reason for speeding

North Carolina - Using a high-pitched voice, television host Dr. Phil warned 21-year-old Rowan County resident Richard Blanscet that an alien invasion had begun near his home off Scout Road. Anxious to save the life of his girlfriend, Blanscet left his home in his father’s 1997 Jaguar XK8 and went to “rescue” her. At least that’s the story Blanscet told investigators after he crashed the Jaguar several times, while fleeing from deputies at speeds greater than 100 miles an hour.  More… 

Bank robber uses city bus as get away vehicle

Dayton, Ohio - Police in Ohio say a man robbed a bank and then tried to flee on board a public bus, where officers eventually caught up with him. Dayton police Sgt. Moe Perez tells the Dayton Daily News the suspect got away with cash from a downtown KeyBank branch. Police were told by witnesses that they saw the man catch a bus about two blocks away.  Officers followed the route of the bus and pulled it over less than a mile away. The suspect was arrested without incident and the money was recovered.  More…   

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out-of-work man wins $650 in steaks

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., March 15 (UPI) -- An unemployed California father of three said winning weekly steak dinners from the Sizzler restaurant chain for a year will be a big help to his family.Out-of-work man wins $650 in steaks

Police: Gas argument led to shots fired

ARONA, Pa., March 14 (UPI) -- Police in Pennsylvania said a man fired several shots at his female roommate after she borrowed his truck and brought it back with the gas tank nearly empty.Police: Gas argument led to shots fired

Man shoots himself practicing quick draw in gun class

 Springfield, Missouri - A southern Missouri sheriff and several weapons experts are examining the safety of classes required to obtain a concealed weapons permit after the accidental shooting death of a man during the class. Glenn Seymour, 63, accidentally shot himself in the chest in Douglas County while trying an advanced firing technique with a weapon he wasn’t familiar with using. Seymour was right-handed, but was practicing drawing a semiautomatic 9 mm handgun with his left hand, taking the safety off and shooting. Paul Richard Williams, who was teaching the class, called Seymour’s death a “tragic accident.”  More…

Monday, March 14, 2011

Filmmaker Held, Corpse Found in His Home

Tombstone, Arizona - It’s a scene straight out of Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” A Tombstone filmmaker was arrested after authorities found a decomposed body of a woman believed to be his mother inside his home. Tombstone Marshal Billy Cloud said his office received a call to do a welfare check at the home of 68-year-old Jill Fattig. A deputy was sent to Fattig’s home, but when no one answered, he went to question her son, Timothy Fattig, a filmmaker for Desert Scream Productions, a horror-film production company. Fattig, 34, told the deputy his mother was at a hospital in Tucson. When authorities found this was not the case, Fattig admitted his mother had died a year ago. After a search warrant was obtained, deputies discovered the skeletal remains of Jill Fattig inside the home.  More…

Daylight Saving Time Bad for Your Health

“Most people don’t have much of a problem - they can adjust their body clock quickly. Eventually, after a couple of days, they already can adapt to the new schedule,” says Dr. Xiaoyong Yang, an assistant professor of comparative medicine and cellular and molecular physiology at Yale University, who points out that many people routinely recover from slight shifts in their sleep-wake cycles - after staying up late at night to go to party, for instance. “But for some groups of people - people who have depression or a heart problem - there’s some research that suggests that they have a higher risk of suicide and heart attack.” Even taking Daylight Saving Time out of the equation, however, some 50 to 70 million Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  More…

Fla. man, 90, dances away his birthday

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla., March 13 (UPI) -- A 90-year-old Florida man danced and celebrated his birthday with a party given by friends at his favorite nightclub, his dancing partners said.Fla. man, 90, dances away his birthday

Spring breakers arrested for taunting gator

Panama City, Florida - Two college students on spring break have been arrested for taunting and trying to steal the live alligators at a Panama City restaurant’s pond. The Panama City News Herald reported that restaurant employees called police after they found the two 20-year-olds using raw chicken on a rope to taunt the animals. The University of Alabama and University of West Georgia students were charged with felony burglary. According to an arrest report, the spring breakers planned the gator heist by visiting a hunting store and buying the rope and hooks.  More…

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sheen Sues Warner Bros. & Lorre for $100 Million

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen   has just filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre , and he's not only demanding he get paid for the 8 scrapped " Two and a Half Men " episodes, he's also suing on behalf of the cast and crew ... and… Read more

Single-sex lunches benefit school children (Reuters)

Reuters - Single-sex lunches introduced in three schools in America's heartland have helped to reduce misbehavior among students and improve eating habits, authorities said.Single-sex lunches benefit school children (Reuters)

Rude awakening for sleepy U.S. students (Reuters)

Reuters - Chronically tardy and truant students at a Massachusetts high school are getting a rude awakening -- a pre-recorded morning wake-up call from their school principal.Rude awakening for sleepy U.S. students (Reuters)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dog ate three of man’s toes as he slept

Roseburg, Oregon - A dog ate three of his owner’s toes as the diabetic man slept, most likely out of instinct to help remove diseased flesh, animal experts say. James Little, 61, called 911 to say his dog had eaten the body parts while he was sleeping. Little suffers from diabetes, of which one symptom is numbness in the hands or feet. The dog, a Shiba Inu, was acting on its instinct to remove diseased flesh and does not appear to be dangerous. Dogs have been known to eat dead or diseased human flesh.  More…

Driver stopped for speeding, takes a drink of beer

Elyria, Ohio - Police in northern Ohio say they approached a man during a traffic stop and asked whether he had been drinking. The driver then took a swig from an open can of beer, and answered, “Yes.” Sometimes honesty is the only policy. The Elyria police report says 25-year-old Stephen Supers was pulled over because the officer caught him speeding. The report says that after Supers took the drink in front of the officer he then failed a series of field sobriety tests, further sealing the deal.  More…

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old men fight using TV, trash can as weapons

New Jersey - The death of an 81-year-old man who got into a fight with a 72-year-old fellow dementia patient at a New Jersey nursing home is under investigation by authorities. Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio told The Jersey Journal the incident claimed the life of Andy Berthelot at the Newport Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center after he apparently picked up a television set and attempted to hit the younger man with it. The 72-year-old then struck his attacker with a plastic waste basket, causing a cut on his head. Both men were taken to the Jersey City Medical Center, where the older man remained until his death later that day. An autopsy showed Berthelot died of a brain hemorrhage and his death was ruled a homicide.  More…

ATMs under guard after giving out free money

Australia - A glitch hitting Commonwealth Bank has caused ATMs to spill out thousands with police forced to guard some machines. The malfunction affected dozens of ATMs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. CBA has warned that those customers who took advantage of the glitch, which they insist has now been rectified, are unlikely to get away with it. Customers were able to overdraw their accounts - withdrawing more money than was actually available to them. “We will be following up on those customers to get our money back,” a bank official said.  More…